Book Exchange

36 possible books for the price of 1!  Sounds great, right?

Okay, I am going to throw the ugly word our there now… it’s a pyramid scheme.  BUT A GOOD ONE!  The only thing you do to participate in this is buy one (1) book and send it along.  Then gather up six friends who want to play along and have them do the same.

If you send along your book, and you can find some brave souls who want to participate, you can get up to 36 books back from this… for the price of 1 book!

I don’t like money making schemes.  Book making schemes though?  I’m all for it.

I bought my book and sent it along, and if that is all it costs me, I am happy to have done it.  If you would like to have a few books come your way and spread literacy and the love of it around, please like this post.

But!  Only like this post if you want to participate.  You can email me at my gmail address (located in the “contact me” section of my blog)  and I will send you the rest of the details.

Let’s spread some book love around!

Of Guns & Control

America sure does love its guns. 

Well, some of them don’t, but those are just the bleeding heart liberals that don’t understand the necessity of deadly force when an intruder comes for your loved ones.  Could happen any minute now, so we gotta be prepared. 

The simple, ‘violence begets more violence,’ never crossed anyones mind I guess. 

The issue is complex and I don’t mean to make light.  Many people have lost their lives due to America’s stubborn refusal to take a good hard look at not only why guns are such a problem in the US, but how they became one. Continue reading

Mount Fuji, or how I almost died.


This is an old blog I wrote nearly 6 years ago – dear God, has it really been that long? – after climbing Mount Fuji.  When I saw the daily post ‘mountain‘ I couldn’t help but dig it back up.

Mountain climbing really is an amazing experience and re-reading this brought that back in a huge rush.  If you’ve never climbed a mountain, I would highly recommend it.

PS – I actually took that picture!

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Childhood is…

This is a post in response to the daily prompt:  Childhood.

I compiled a list of things that came to mind as soon as I read the word, and it’s in no particular order.  I am sure some of them will relate, depending on your age, and others will have a similar link but a different name.

Still, the idea of childhood brings with it a very visceral response that ignites memories of a day when things seemed so much simpler..

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Introducing Myself to the World

My name is Jonathan James Olivier.  I began this blog as a way to get my writing out to find an audience.  For me there is no better feeling than having someone who appreciates the works I create.  That, to me, is the point of creation, for others to appreciate it.

The topics that I will use this blog to address are a bit varied at the moment.  I do feel a bit like I am, “firing all of my guns at once,” but as a fresh starter I am going with the things that I really love and love to talk about and I will see which of them finds an audience and maintains momentum throughout this year before I begin trimming it down.

My blog thus consists of five main parts:

–My new fiction stories:  I have a young adult sci-fi/fantasy and a crime serial that I am in the process of flushing out and I will post them unedited as I work through them.

–Your Story from 10 Words:  I take 10 words, a theme, and a song from a submitter and write them a story with it.

–Fitness:  I am a fitness fanatic and have developed a program to get a lean body without needing a gym.  I am going to be posting my tips and workouts periodically.

–Teaching Abroad:  I have been living and working in Japan for 6 years and have amassed a plethora of silly stories.  This is the humour portion of my site and it will include the silly things I see and hear everyday as an English teacher in Japan.

–Opinions:  I am an avid reader and movie watcher.  I like to get top five lists from people in different categories to compare and see if we can come up with a consensus top five.

So that is what I will blog about.

Who would I love to connect with?  Other writers who are trying to move in the same direction, readers and critics who can help me improve my work, and an audience for my work.

My ideal for success for this blog in the next year is to get 10 new followers each month.  That will leave me with 100 by the end of the year.  It is an ambitious goal in my mind but I really want to see it through.

I hope to hear from any and all of you with suggestions, comments, advice and just general conversation.  Thank you for reading!